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Are you breaking into the green marketplace
and are ready to ramp up your business?

Are you a business focused on sustainability but you aren’t sure how to communicate this to your customers?

Are you embracing sustainable practices in your business and want to authentically capitalize on this with your target audience?

Are you ready to put aside all preconceived ideas and learn how to successfully market and profit from tapping into the green industry?

Are you ready to promote your business successfully while still balancing people, planet, and profit?

Wouldn’t you love to learn all of these things
in one place?

Our Sustainability Marketing Series
- How to Market your Green Side -
is your answer

During our 6-week, teleseminar workshop, we showed businesses like yours how they too could learn everything they ever want to know about authentically marketing, communicating, positioning, and capitalizing on the green side of their business.

In bite-sized, pre-recorded, teleseminar sessions, Colette Chandler and Jobie Summer, were master trainers to help businesses like yours successfully profit from the green aspects of their business. And they can help you too!

Colette and Jobie are highly sought-after experts in the green arena. They have both run successful businesses and advised countless clients on how to be more effective and profitable in the green marketplace. And they are ready to advise you too!

They’ll teach you how to be more successful and effective in the strategizing and marketing of your business. They’ll take you from where you are to where you’d like to be–keeping your message on par with where your operations and products are right now. It will help you avoid or minimize greenwashing (pretending to be environmentally sound when you are not) altogether.

So who are they?

I’m Colette

I’m known as the leading expert in helping companies better understand environmental and health trends and the consumers driving them. I have over 15 years in marketing and public relations and 10 years specifically in the green and LOHAS industries. I help companies create authentic green value and build greener brands through education, consulting and training.

I write a blog (with over 40,000 subscribers) and for trade journals, and have been featured in various local and national publications including: The Boston Globe, Enterprising Women Magazine, and My company, The Marketing Insider, conducted groundbreaking research in the Midwest that has aided companies in better understanding the attitudes, behaviors and purchasing decisions of consumers as it relates to the environment, natural health and wellness.

I’m one of the recipients of the 40 Under 40 award from Business First of Columbus. I speak, consult and train nationally and recently helped create & implement the eco-SMART manufacturing program that launched in the Midwest.

And I’m Jobie

Jobie Summer, CFP, CEP, CFS, MA

I have been known as the marketing expert to financial advisors who specialize in the area of Socially Responsible Investing and own the company, Resources for Advisors. After having my own financial planning practice for nearly 15 years and selling it successfully, I learned from hands-on experience how to market and grow a business.

I was told by many professionals who asked me for coaching and consulting that my strategies not only applied to financial advisors but also to many businesses in the green marketplace. As a result, I adapted these principles to businesses seeking to claim their market share in this growing green economy. I combine my previous knowledge from teaching and a Master’s in education with the proven marketing strategies I learned as I grew a thriving practice.

I am also the author of many articles and books including Secrets of Successful Seminars and the SRI Marketing Kit (Socially Responsible Investing) and I conduct tele-classes, seminars and trainings internationally. In addition to my extensive background, industry leading corporations have awarded me the Client Service Award, Outstanding Client Focus Award and Practice of the Year Award.

We’ve come together to offer you the most comprehensive and effective Sustainability telemarketing series we’ve seen offered. And trust us; we’ve seen it all.

It’s why we offer our no-risk, no-questions asked guarantee you’ll see at the bottom of this page.

Colette has conducted many of her own telemarketing series over the last ten years and seen what others offer. She and Jobie met while attending a telecourse and knew with their combined backgrounds, they could offer a course like no other—one that allows you as a business owner or professional to take your green knowledge and skills to the next level, learn what works and what doesn’t, and receive real, practical guidance that you can apply immediately.

And we’ll show you how to successfully market and be profitable in the sustainability marketplace– while maintaining and balancing your personal and professional integrity.

We cover everything we feel is important to make you even more successful than you are in the green marketplace. We live no stone unturned–from creating your green road map, to turning your clients into your biggest referral sources and to spread your message, to using PR and social media in the right way to rise above the clutter.

We unveiled our complete process and systems to you—in six, pre-recorded telemarketing sessions with action steps to help you stay on course and apply the information you learned immediately.

And we put this course right at your fingertips. All you have to do is click and receive the course within minutes, putting you well on your way to understanding and profiting from the green marketplace.

Every one of our telemarketing sessions are full of content-rich information that you can use and apply immediately to help you market, grow and profit from this marketplace:

Module 1: Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors: Who cares and why?

  • Learn how to instill consumer confidence
  • Find out if consumers care whether or not a product is green
  • Learn what influences consumer purchasing behavior and attitudes toward company and brands
  • Find out how to get more people to connect their daily purchasing actions and decisions with their long-term strategy
  • Find out about the four different green consumer groups, their attitudes and behaviors, and how you they buy
  • Discover Colette’s 10-point system for identifying LOHAS consumers

Plus, your action plan to apply this information to your bottom line immediately.

Module 2: Sustainability Marketing Strategies: Creating the right green road map

  • The importance of having a green strategy and road map and how it works
  • The seven elements of a good strategy and road map—neglecting one of them could completely steer you off course for a very long time
  • Colette’s four-point system for how to rise above the clutter and stay there- this content alone is one of those pack your bag moments where you could learn this and nothing else and feel as if you received your money’s worth
  • The importance of social media, how to use it as a low-cost, green, intimate tool it was intended to be and focus on the communities who will respond to it the best.
  • The best strategy for targeting LOHAS markets. You’ll find out on how to connect where these consumers are and how to understand their attitudes and behaviors as a part of your strategy

Plus, your action plan to apply this information to your bottom line immediately.

Module 3: Referral Marketing: Strategies to ensure referrals come your way every time

  • How to train your clients so they are your biggest advocates and love to give you referrals
  • How to train clients to talk about your specialty to set you apart
  • How to ask for referrals using effective language that opens up the client instead of shutting them down
  • Find out the 5 magic words that make the perfect open-ended question
  • How to receive referrals from professionals in related businesses – Centers of Influence (COIs)
  • How to educate your COIs about what you do and set up your first meeting to ensure early success

Plus, your action plan to apply this information to your bottom line immediately.

Module 4: Profiting from PR and Social Media: Creating your green PR system

  • How PR can be one of the most powerful tools to deliver your message
  • Colette’s GLAD System and how you can use it to successfully pitch reporters as well as conduct media interviews
  • What’s critical to include in every effective PR strategy
  • How to make social media work as part of your PR strategy and system
  • The four ways to use social media as part of a good PR strategy
  • What works and what doesn’t in social media – what you’ll learn will surprise you

Plus, your action plan to apply this information to your bottom line immediately.

Module 5: Terminology and Message Development: Successfully rising above the green clutter

  • Key points you must include to make your message successfully rise above the green clutter and stay there
  • Which certifications are really important and which ones consumers really get
  • How to speak to your audience in a language that resonates with them
  • Which words work best to speak to someone who is liberal or conservative—using the wrong one could send them packing
  • How to know if someone has a masculine or feminine personality type—and it has nothing to do with gender
  • How to approach driver versus expressive personalities and all other personality types in between with the right terms and language to make them wake up and take action

Plus, your action plan to apply this information to your bottom line immediately.

Module 6: Synthesizing for Success: Putting it all together to get results

  • How to increase your likelihood for success
  • How missing one piece will not allow you to get the picture of success you desire
  • The purpose of our action plans and what results you can expect
  • How to make all of our modules work in sync
  • Which action plans are most important and why
  • Synthesizing for success –a new program that will put you on the road to success quickly

Register as a VIP and receive our 90-minute, pre-recorded, telemarketing session: Sustainable Marketing Tools and Tactics: Tele-seminars, Seminars and Webinars (see below for all the other goodies you receive as a register as a VIP)

In 90 minutes you’ll learn:

  • Why choose one tactic over another?
  • Which tactic allows you to increase your efficiency better than others?
  • Jobie’s seminar marketing system that she used to successfully build and sell her multiple six figure financial planning practice
  • The best use for webinars

Plus, you’ll receive a revved-up action plan that we know will positively impact your bottom line.

We fully guarantee our program. If you feel the description of our program is not accurate and do not feel our program helped you produce the results you were looking for, please let us know. We’ll send you a prompt refund up to one full year after your purchase. We will not ask you questions. We will not give you any hassle. That is our guarantee.

Should You Register For Our Sustainability Marketing Series?

If you are someone who wants to know how to successfully market, grow, and profit from tapping into the $290 billion LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) and green marketplace.

This program is not for the weak at heart or for those who do not feel comfortable making money.

We believe that mindset has a lot to do with success and without the right mindset, we do not feel you will be in business long enough to help anyone, let alone be profitable. We are interested in those who want to be wildly successful.

If you are in one of these industries, you need this information now to be able to compete in the green and LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) marketplace:

Who else could benefit from taking our course and
learning our profitable marketing systems and process?

Anyone who ….

  • Has been in the green or LOHAS marketplace for awhile and wants to take their business to the next level. They are just not sure how.
  • Just learned about the green marketplace and wants to get on the boat before it sails away
  • Wants to be profitable and still maintain their values and integrity
  • Works with clients who are already in the green and LOHAS marketplace or looking to enter it
  • Operates a small or mid-sized business looking for a new, highly profitable niche
  • Is planning or recently launched a new green product line/services

During our 6-week “Sustainability Marketing Series—How to Market Your Green Side ,” course, we showed businesses and companies like yours how they can successfully create an effective plan to market the green side of their business — whether they are just starting down the green path or already a long-time green business.

Our course goes in-depth by helping you understand every aspect of the sustainability marketing world and what it takes to be successful. First, we provide you the foundational information you need to be effective and successful—learning who drives this marketplace and what it takes to engage them.

Then, we take you through everything we know about how to build a successful, green and sustainable brand and business that has staying power.

We tell you how to become an authentic, trusted force in the sustainability and LOHAS world.

I want you to imagine a time when you accomplished something you knew was a challenge. How did you feel? Excited?

So now think about what did it take to overcome this challenge? Did you have to learn new information or polish up on information you already knew?

Either way, you were learning, right? Learning is really the act, process, or experience of gaining knowledge or skill.

And that is exactly what we are offering you–an inexpensive way to learn how to successfully market, grow and profit from tapping into the $209 billion sustainability marketplace.

Learning how to do so in an authentic and real manner.

The great thing is that our learning process is fun.

We engage in a fun, yet content-rich, interactive dialogue throughout the program so you have fun and learn at the same time. Each of our pre-recorded, teleseminars are 60-90 minutes–—you’ll have the opportunity to learn from your seat. All you need is a telephone. And best of all, our entire program can easily be downloaded into any ipod or MP3 device.

We go in-depth helping you understand every aspect of the sustainability marketing world and what it takes to be successful. We start with providing you the foundational information you need to be successful, then taking you through everything we know about how to build a successful, green and sustainable brand and business that has staying power.

We tell you how to become an authentic, trusted force in the sustainability and LOHAS world and rise above all of the green clutter.

You’ll learn everything you need to know all from the comfort of your office or home. Best of all, we offer you an action plan each week and show you how all of the pieces fit together in the end.

What really separates our program from the others is the amount of content-rich information and results-oriented action plans that we provide—over 6 hours, not including the bonus. Plus, even if you miss one of our telemarketing sessions, you don’t have to worry. All of them are recorded so you can download them and listen to them again and again at your leisure.

You’d probably expect our program to be hundreds, even thousands of dollars. And we feel we’d be justified charging this. We’re providing you over 6 hours of content-rich information and action plans that we know work. No need to guess your way through our successful system.

We really want to make this program accessible to most everyone willing to invest in their learning to get ahead and stay ahead in this marketplace.

That’s why we are keeping the price affordable!

We get your great success stories to share with others and you leave with the knowledge and insights to get and stay ahead in this challenging, sustainability marketplace that is highly profitable.

Although we think that our price is a great deal, we realize this is a tough economy for many so we want to make the decision to register for our program even easier for you.

Sign up now to receive this special pricing.
There is no guarantee that our pricing will remain the same.

Our Sustainable Marketing Tools and Tactics session Tele-seminars, Seminars and Webinars Telemarketing session.

This session alone provides 90 minutes of content-rich information from what tools and tactics are best to reach your green audiences and how do they work. Jobie will share with you her proven system on how to use seminars to reach your target audience and make money. She successfully used this system for nearly 15 years in her sustainability financial planning business and now charges over $250 per hour just to coach people on it.

You’re receiving all of this as a bonus for no additional cost. This bonus session is only available by registering early or being a VIP, and it is not offered anywhere else.

For those of you who really want to learn every nook and cranny of the sustainability marketplace, and want personal insights from both of us on how to apply it to your unique business situation

Registering as a VIP is your answer.

As a VIP, here’s what you will receive:

  • Our 6-week “Sustainability Marketing Series—How to Market Your Green Side – $397 value
  • Our bonus session, Sustainable Marketing Tools and Tactics – $97 value
  • One joint coaching session with Colette and Jobie – $500 value
  • Jobie’s Secrets of Successful Seminars 3 e-books $79 value
  • Colette’s Walk the Media Tightrope Audio Program – $97 value
  • Transcriptions from all 7 telemarketing modules – $400 value

(A complete program show you how to control any and every media interview.Over 60 minutes of tips and techniques of the trade compiled from experience over the last 15+ years, plus a 15-page ebook that tells you how to prepare for your interview, how to set goals, how to brainstorm your interview ideas, and makes you write out what you are going to say before you even say it!)

  • Recordings from all 7 telemarketing modules – priceless

The total value is $1570. We are charging only $497. That’s a savings of over $1000

To coach with just one of us could easily cost you over $250 per hour– with both of us over $500 per hour. At $497, our VIP program is a great deal. You’re saving over $1000 if you were to hire both of us to coach you and pay individually for everything you are receiving.

Unfortunately, we only have limited time so we are only offering 50 VIP memberships on a first-come, first-served basis.

This program is not for everyone—only the serious-minded who need a little hand holding to be highly successful and grow their businesses.